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Our Story for 46 years STILL comes down to this: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified! He was delivered for our offences and gloriously raised for our justification so we can walk in the newness of Life, free from the shackles of sin, in victory over the World, the Flesh and the devil!!! O Taste and See that God is Good and gracious unto ALL them that call upon Him with a broken spirit and a contrite heart!

We provide MANY resources of Edification, Exhortation and Comfort through our media outreach center via Facebook, etc! EVERYTHING IS FREE to the Hungry and Thirsty, NO strings attached! No need to register or sign up with email, we will not solicit you in any way, shape or form. SHARE or TELL A FRIEND if You want to Bless!
ALL are welcome to Worship with Us every Sunday @ 10:30am in our humble sett  ing where it’s You and Jesus, a personal one on one invitation to sit at the Masters feet and hear Him speak intimately to Your Heart and to Your Spirit!!! God Bless You and Yours! We look forward to seeing You here, there or in the air, but as each day unfolds pull up Your chair, to His table and dig in deep to His goodness, eat the fat and drink the sweet for the Joy of The Lord is Your Strength!
-Doulos D (25 of the 40+ years at The Holy Church of God)